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1.  Getting Started

2.  Service Area

3.  Rates and Billing

4.  Our Fleet

5.  Booking a Car

6.  Cancellation Policy

7.  Airport Pick ups

8.  Pets, Packages, and other Miscellaneous Policies


Getting Started

I want to use OZOcar – how do I get started?

Getting started is easy – anyone can book a car with a credit card. Simply call our 24 hour reservation line at 1.866.696.5966 and place an order. Or, open a myOZO account via the web to customize your experience.  Want someone to talk you through it? We’re here to help.  Contact us at 718.361.8670 to speak to an OZOcar representative. 


My company is interested in using OZOcar – how do we get started?

Email us at customer_service@eliteny.com and an OZOcar representative will get in touch with you.


Service Area

OZOcar is based in the New York metropolitan area.  We service New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester and upstate New York.  Our customers often take us as far as Washington, DC or Boston.  Email us at customer_service@eliteny.com if you have questions about where we go.


Rates and Billing

What are your rates?

Please email us with your rate questions at customer_service@eliteny.com


What are your waiting time grace periods?

5 minutes for pickups in NYC. 10 minutes for ASAP calls.


How long will a driver wait if I am late for a booking?

A driver will generally wait 30 minutes if we don’t hear from you. A dispatcher will always attempt to reach you at the telephone contact number before the car is cancelled. Please note cancellation fees do apply.

If you know you want the driver to wait at the time you make your booking, simply tell the operator that you would like to authorize waiting time.


Our Fleet

What cars do you have in your fleet?

Toyota Prius, Toyota Hybrid Camry, Toyota Hybrid Highlander, Lexus RX400h


What do your cars look like?

Take a look here


What color are your vehicles?

Silver and black.


How many people comfortably fit in a Prius or Camry? 

The Prius can seat 4 passengers (1 in front, 3 in back) but we recommend a maximum of 3 passengers for the greatest comfort.  


How many people comfortably fit in a Lexus? 

The Lexus RX400h can seat 4 passengers (1 in front, 3 in back).


How many people comfortably fit in a Highlander?

The Highlander can seat 5 passengers.


How much luggage can I fit in a Prius? 

Two large checked bags and two wheelie carry-on bags can easily fit into the Prius.  Additionally Prius seats can fold down to accommodate longer and larger items.  


What’s the environmental impact of OZOcars compared to regular cars?

OZOcars are much friendlier for our planet.  Check out our nifty chart.



What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car has both a gasoline engine and an electric motor.  At different times during the course of driving, a hybrid car will run on either the electric motor, the gasoline engine, or sometimes, both.  When running on the electric motor, the vehicle emits zero emissions.  A hybrid car never needs to be "plugged in" -- the electric battery is charged each time the brake is applied. Hybrid vehicles are extremely fuel efficient and have nearly zero-emissions.  


Do you offer child safety seats?

Unfortunately, we do not.  You will need to supply your own child safety seats.


What insurance coverage does OZOcar carry?

Contact us at customer_service@eliteny.com and we will be happy to describe our insurance coverage to you.


Booking a Car

How do I order a car if I don’t have an account?

Call our 24 hour reservation line at (866) 696-5966 and book a car with a credit card.  Or, check out our myOZO account options here


How do I order a car if I have an account?

Call our 24 hour reservation line at 1.866.696-5966.  You’ll need your account number and any custom information required by your company to book a car.


What will the agent ask me when I book the car?

1. Method of payment (account number or credit card)

2. Name of passenger

3. Time and Date of Pick up

4. Location of Pick-up

5. Destination

6. Contact number for the passenger

7. How do you want to be notified when your car is dispatched (telephone? email? both?)

8. For airport pick ups, we need to know the flight number, time of arrival and departure city.


I’m calling from an international mobile phone and my carrier won’t allow me to 
dial your toll-free 866 number.

Use this number if you are having trouble dialing in to our toll free number:  +1.718.249.1259


Can I request a driver I really like? 

Yes, of course! If you would like to specify a particular driver, please request their CAR NUMBER when you make your booking and the reservation agent will see if he/she is available. You may also, in some cases, call your driver directly.


How much time should I allow for ASAP calls?

Depending on the time of day, please allow a minimum of 20 minutes for ASAP calls in Manhattan and at the airports.


I want a car and driver by the hour.  How do I book that?

Simply tell the telephone agent, when she asks you for your destination that you would like a car and driver by the hour.


Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel a reservation?

Call 1.866.696.5966 and give the agent your confirmation number.  Or, if you booked via your myOZO account, you may cancel your reservation via the web.  


How far in advance do I have to cancel in order to avoid a cancellation charge?

For Manhattan pickups:  30 minutes prior to reservation time.

For Outer Boro and Airport Pickups: 45 minutes prior to reservation time.

Out of Town Pick ups:  3 hours prior to reservation time.


What happens if I miss my booking or fail to cancel?  What are your no-show fees?

For Manhattan Pickups:  $24 or waiting time, whichever is greater

For Outer Borough pick-ups:  The cost of getting back to Manhattan (including tolls, if necessary)

For Out of Town pick-ups:  The cost of getting back to Manhattan (including tolls, if necessary)


Airport Pick ups

Where will the driver meet me?

All airport pick ups are inside on the arrivals level unless otherwise requested.  If you prefer to be picked up curbside, please request curbside pick up at the time of booking.


How do I cut down waiting time charges?

If you know you have to wait for checked bags or that you have to clear customs, feel free, at the time of booking to ask that your reservation time be set for “x number of minutes after arrival time”.  The agent will automatically adjust your order time, if your flight arrival time changes.  In other words, if you know it will take you at least 30 minutes to clear customs and the scheduled flight time is 9:00am, you can tell the telephone agent that the flight arrival time is 9:00am, but that you want your car 30 minutes after arrival time.  Our agents will then adjust your order time in the likely event there are changes to your flight ETA.  


Pets, Packages, and other Miscellaneous Policies

Do you take pets?

We are happy to take your pet, if it’s under 25 pounds.  Please inform the agent at the time of booking.  If your pet makes a mess, we’ll have to ask you to cover cleaning costs.


Do you take packages?

Yes, we are happy to deliver packages.  Please inform the agent at the time of booking.  Additional charges may apply.


Is smoking allowed in your cars?

Cough cough.  Sorry, no.  All of our cars are non-smoking.