about OZOcar
Why OZOcar?

OZOcar is now Elite Green

Dispatch and Billing Operations of OZOcar (an eco-friendly service) have been merged into Elite Green, Elite's hybrid division. Clients will have access to a larger fleet of full size Hybrid and Electric vehicles with more hybrids to be added. You can request a Green vehicle (Sedan or midsize SUV) through a live operator, our web site or Elite App; During the Green fleet expansion if a reasonable eta is not available we will dispatch a regular vehicle. This service transition is being implemented around 31st of January 2018. The switchover will be seamless to existing OZOcar clients as they may continue using the same OZO telephone number or the main Elite Dispatch number, 718-472-2000. Web users should log onto www.eliteny.com and App users should download "Elite Mobile App" from either Android or IOS. Your existing log-in and password should work. In case of any problems please call 718-472-2300 or email customer_service@eliteny.com

Our Low Emission Mission

The times they are a changing. It’s no longer about big cars, big jobs, or big egos. It’s about walking softly on this earth, working smarter, and spending time, money and resources more wisely. OZOcar is New York’s first, finest and largest eco-friendly car service. We’re on a low-emission mission to make the mean streets of New York City kinder, gentler, greener – and to get you to your meeting on time. We call it traveling light. You’ll call it myOZO.

Be Street Smarter

OZOcar is the largest fleet of low-emission vehicles in the New York metropolitan area. We’re the real deal – forget the greenwash, we’re all hybrid, all the time. Our Prius, Toyota Camry and Lexus clean machines use 70% less fuel than conventional Lincoln Towncars and emit 90% fewer carbon forming emissions. Chic, curvy and cool, they whisper eco, not ego, status, not status quo. Clever technologies, simple luxuries – and 90% less hot air.  Learn more


Eco won’t cost you more. OZOcar competes dollar for dollar with other premium executive car services in the New York City area. And when you calculate the environmental savings, we’re even more of a bargain.