OZOcar is now Elite Green

Dispatch and Billing Operations of OZOcar (an eco-friendly service) have been merged into Elite Green, Elite's hybrid division. You can request a Green vehicle (Sedan or midsize SUV) through a live operator, on our web site or Elite App. More ›

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OZOcar 2.0

Big changes and redos are happening here at OZOcar.  We're introducing exciting new improvements that will make your life easier, happier and...    More ›

Return to Sender

Save trees and time by ridding your mailbox of unwanted catalogs.  Created in 2008 by the non-profit Ecology Center of Berkeley, www.catalogchoice.org,...    More ›

modern farmer

Check out modern farmer, a new magazine we LOVE.  In OZOcars now.   We all eat food. And while we ride, bike and walk through this urban...    More ›